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Top 10 Things To Do If You Are Single During The Holidays | Broken Heart Rehab


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Top 10 Things To Do If You Are Single During The Holidays


If you find yourself single during the holidays, what should you do? Well, we will tell you. Here is our list of the top 10 things to do for the holidays if you are single:

1.Find other single friends and hit the town. This is a great time to celebrate whatever holiday it is with other people that are looking to mingle.

2.Dress for the holiday. We are not saying to dress head-to-toe like a leprechaun but a cute button that says “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” is always appropriate. Plus, it will invite people to talk to you.

3.Throw a party. Tell everyone you invite to invite at least one single male or female friend. This way you will have a new diverse group that you can celebrate with and who knows you may even make a love connection.

4.Volunteer. Find a charity that is doing something for the holiday you are celebrating and donate your time. This is a great way to make you feel better and meet new people.

5.Bring cookies or baked goods to your cute neighbor and let him know you just wanted to be festive. The way to a man’s heart is through yummy cookies.

6.Dress up your dog and bring him or her to a dog park. This will be a great way for people to start up conversations with you. If you don’t have a dog, borrow a friend’s.

7.Check out your local paper online for fun activities to do in your area. Try something new that you have always wanted to try. Bring a single friend and make it a contest to see who can talk to the most people.

8.Run a holiday race. Lots of holidays have races built around them. This is a great way to workout and to interact with some really good looking, in-shape people.

9.Go on a trip. Find a fun place that you think other singles will flock to and head out of town with a friend. Ask a travel agent or scour the internet for places that unattached people are headed for a good time.

10.Do something special for yourself. Go get a massage, take a long bubble bath or get a mani/pedi. Read a book. Whatever makes you happy. You need to treat yourself with kindness and love. You are special and deserve to be treated like the prince or princess you are.

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  • March 1, 2010

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