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Broken Heart | Broken Heart Rehab - Part 6

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Breakups Hurt. We Can Help.

Turn your “what-ifs” into “so-whats”

One main experience I have from loss is worry.  Actually, I worry about things regardless if I am going through a break-up or not! I once read that "worrying is like praying backwards".  If you think about it, this is true.  Putting negative emotion in anything will bog down reality, and usually your worries are a waste of energy.  What…

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Heartbreak Healthy

Getting through a broken heart is hard. Regardless of what the loss is, change can be challenging. During this time, it is important to take care of yourself.  Stress more than likely is a big factor at these times. Emotional and mental strain (wracking your brain to make sense of what is happening) is understandable. A healthy diet and exercise…

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How to cleanse your dating palate

While breaking up with an ex is no fine dining experience, between beaus, it is important to cleanse your dating palate. So how do you begin? Start off with light dates to stimulate the palate. Someone smart, who is good company, and who gives you a little ego boost (read: someone less attractive). It is also important for the palate…

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The Healing Process

Although going through a break up can be hard, there are actually perks to the new found freedom you are about to experience. The road to recovery may be tough, but there is a new world waiting for you on the other side.   One of the experiences is what I consider the healing process. This consists of different things.…

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Men Listen Up: Sucker or Clueless?

There are obvious signs that a woman is being led on, let down, or just plain ignored (usually after a wonderful romp in the bedroom, full of fireworks, so surely he will call!) Women have the luxury of wonderful girlfriends to ooze insecurities to and bounce off any of the famous “what ifs” to. But where does a man turn…

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