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Broken Heart | Broken Heart Rehab - Part 5

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Breakups Hurt. We Can Help.

Did My Heart Actually Break?

Folks, it is not called a broken heart for nothing. It actually hurts. It just goes to show you how much your emotions can affect your health. It is not just your imagination. Your sadness can manifest into all kinds of health problems and you definitely do not want that to happen. You may feel like you want to crawl…

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Breaking Up and Losing Friends

There are times after a breakup that you will lose friends along with your significant other. This just adds salt to the wound. It is bad enough that the love of your life is no longer with you but to lose a friend, also, is very painful. A lot of the time these friends are mutual friends of you and…

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A Broken Heart Rollercoaster

One day your up, one day your down. It is common to experience a roller coaster of emotions while going through a break up. Some days, I feel great being single! I love the freedom. I enjoy spending more time with my friends and not answering to anybody. I even enjoy doing things and going places alone! But there are…

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Holiday Party EX-cape Guide

  We’ve all been there.  You’re at a holiday party.  You are in a fixed location close enough to the punch bowl, yet far enough from the exit that you can’t easily escape when your ex walks up.  What’s a newly-single supposed to do?  One one hand, you want to "play it cool" or act confident that you don’t care…

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I Hate Myself For Loving You

I really hate myself for loving my ex. I just cannot figure out how to stop thinking about him or caring about him. He was such a jerk. He definitely does not deserve a minute of my thoughts, much less, hour after hour, that I have been giving him. I know that he is not thinking of me like that…

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