Breakups Hurt. We Can Help.

How To “HEEL” A Broken Heart

Shoe One of our favorite ways to heal a broken heart is through heels.
No, we’re not talking about shoe shopping (though, it is a past time of ours). We’re talking about enlisting your heels and walking!

Walking is a great way to heal a broken heart. Not only is it heart-healthy, but it is a great way to heal the mind through meditation and reflection upon a relationship. It does not (typically)require the endurance running or other “heeling” activities, so it is easy to put on your comfiest shoes and just let your mind and body wander.

Take the time to breathe. Take the time to think. Take the time to reflect. Just take the time for you.

Healing after a break up is not easy. Adopting new rituals and doing things to heal your heart are more important than ever. Using your heels to heal your heart is just one thing that we suggest to help you do that.

  • by Broken Heart Rehab
  • posted at 2:15 pm
  • March 9, 2010

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