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Be Kind, Please Rewind | Broken Heart Rehab


Breakups Hurt. We Can Help.

Be Kind, Please Rewind

100_0006 Nothing is worst than going into a new relationship with the emotional scars of a past breakup on your mind. They can weigh heavy on one’s mind, and even create friction in a new relationship where there should otherwise be none.

Our recommendation to you is "be kind, please rewind."

Here is what we mean…

Before entering into a new relationship, "rewind" your mind to the place you were before times got tough in your past relationship.

Let go of fear, and open your heart to the prospect of connecting with someone new. It is also important to let go of assumptions. In fact, the only assumption that you should make is that your current significant other is not like your ex. Remember that all people handle issues differently, and just because your ex behaved one way does not mean that every person will act in the same manner.

So, next time you find yourself building emotional walls or making assumptions about one’s behavior based your ex, hit stop and rewind. It’s the kind (and fair) thing to do!

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  • by Broken Heart Rehab
  • posted at 11:11 am
  • January 6, 2010

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