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About | Broken Heart Rehab


Broken Hearts Hurt. We Can Help.

We have been in your shoes.  We have felt anguish and despair.  We know that a “broken heart” is more than just a catchphrase.  It is a real description of the hole in your soul.  Heartbreak is real, raw and extremely emotional.  It is what makes us human.  It is no different from a broken bone.  It needs time and nurturing to heal.  We realize that.  We’ve been there.  We wish we could give you a magic pill to make it go away.  We can’t do that, but what we can give you is hope.  Hope that in time you will feel better.  Hope that you can get through this and you will.  Knowledge that everyone from the beginning of time has gone through heartbreaks.  It will not make the pain you feel go away.  But hopefully, knowing that we are here to listen to your pain and to help you through it, we will give you the reassurance you need that you WILL survive.  That years down the road this will not define you.  You are better than your broken heart.  You will mend.  Through our humor and our compassion, we want to release you from your pain.

A few things we offer:

-Personalized coaching to get you back into your life

-Mini-rehabs helping you detox from a bad heart break & giving you our 10-steps to recovery


-Advice and new approaches to help you through your broken heart


We are here to give your broken heart the rehab that it so desperately deserves.

Contact us at info@brokenheartrehab.com for more information